Sunday, April 12, 2009


Color-it-yourself Easter Bunnies with Easter Eggs

Pink Camoflauge Bucket Hats with Easter Baskets. (Nothin' fancy here. We shopped at Wal Mart) PS. Plastic eggs stuffed with cheerios. LOL.

Notice how Mommie's color-it-yourself bunny is tossed to the side. Nice, huh??? Otherwise the Baskets and Goodies the EB brought were well received with screams and screeches.

CANDY!!!! (Only 1 piece though and they actually shared 1 piece.)

Edible Easter Grass! I knew they would try to eat the paper or plastic kind so.... just opted for the edible kind. And, it comes in different flavors and colors. It is like eating a cross between taffy and raffia.

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Lynn said...

Hello! I stop in from time to time! Your girls always give me a huge smile, they are so adorable! I never even thought of cheerio's in the eggs! I just gave my Kate empty eggs... she didn't care! she just loved banging them together and trying to stick them in her mouth!

Happy Easter!