Monday, April 27, 2009


THE TWINS ARE A YEAR AND A HALF!!!!! Happy 18 months, BiBi and Maxine!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Color-it-yourself Easter Bunnies with Easter Eggs

Pink Camoflauge Bucket Hats with Easter Baskets. (Nothin' fancy here. We shopped at Wal Mart) PS. Plastic eggs stuffed with cheerios. LOL.

Notice how Mommie's color-it-yourself bunny is tossed to the side. Nice, huh??? Otherwise the Baskets and Goodies the EB brought were well received with screams and screeches.

CANDY!!!! (Only 1 piece though and they actually shared 1 piece.)

Edible Easter Grass! I knew they would try to eat the paper or plastic kind so.... just opted for the edible kind. And, it comes in different flavors and colors. It is like eating a cross between taffy and raffia.

BiBi, her bonnet and bag of tricks....

BiBi in her straw Easter bonnet with matching bag(given to her by Norma, Lil Norma, and Miguel) riding the Easter duck that Marme' sent.

Giddy Up Duck

I love my Easter hat!

Ride 'em Cowgirl!

I really love my Easter hat!

BiBi, where are your ears???

BiBi, where is your nose???

BiBi, can you pat your head???

BiBi, is there something stinky???


Maxine, where is your nose???

Maxine, where are your ears???

Maxine, can you pat your head???

Look. It opens!

And, it's green! I like green!

Can you put something in this???

Cheerios!?? I don't want no stinkin' cheerios!

Give. Me. Some. Chocolate.

Ridin' Rodi.

These better not have cheerios in them.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

S. O. S.

Excuse me, is that $hit on your $hirt???
And, S.O.S. is not referring to $hit On a $hingle as my dad refers to chipped beef on toast. It is referring to $hit On my $hirt....& the floor, the bed, a bottle, a toy, etc... all coutesy of one $hit $lingin' baby, AKA BiBi. No, she didn't just $ling poo. $he took off her diaper and $lung it around with glee. It just so happened it was a full load. How lovely. NOT. I am not blaming anyone for this but... someone who remain nameless, changed her diaper this morning. Thank you for that but next time do it right or don't do it. I told this nameless person to put her pants back on or she would take off her diaper. And, I even gave this person clean pants for BiBi. But NOOOOOOOooo he...oops, nameless person, didn't put her pants back on her. Of course I could have done it but I was making the twins brekkie and nameless person's "to-go" brekkie, washing dishes, unloading and loading DW, feeding dog, cleaning high chairs, etc....all before peeing. TMI, right? $o when I look around from chores while taking my first bite of my Nutella English muffin, she is very happily laughing, twisiting, shouting, and slinging her diaper. Now if we had a $low motion replay of this you would $ee me leap tall cabinets and baby gates in a $ingle bound. Hope I didn't pull a muscle. There was poo all over her. Poo covered baby...yuck. I would have liked to extracted her from the disaster zone and decontaminated her with a bath but then Litle Miss Maxine would have been left to have her way with the aftermath. That couldn't happen. $o while holding back the $truggling $hit $lingin' culprit and blocking Little Miss Maxine form entering the disaster zone, I baby wiped the area and baby. In the process $.$. $wiped me with her poo covered hands on the front and back of my $hirt. I haven't checked my hair yet. GROSS, the thought of it. No longer hungry for my Nutella English muffin. I am due for a bath anyway. LOL.
Oh the joys. $orry no pics of the $hit $linger available.