Monday, August 4, 2008


August 3rd

We are sorry for the delay in posts and appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers at this time. This has been the most frightening, heart wrenching, physically, mentally, and spiritually trying time for Beth, Mok, and the babies. In time, when they are ready, they will share the stories and events that have taken place.

What is important now is focusing on the recovery of Mei Mei and BiBi and their safe return to the U.S. They are both in PICU with a rare pneumonia (they do not know the cause and we probably never will know) and slowly improving day by day. Their temperatures are down, their circulation has improved, their respiratory rate is finally normal, and removal of the ventilator is the next step. Both babies are unable to drink from bottles so this will be very challenging for a while and especially on the plane ride home.

They are searching and are in need of a doctor to travel on the plane ride home with them so if anyone has any connections or any information that would help, please notify us immediately.

Your continued thoughts and prayers warm our hearts. Please send all your positive, healthy energy their way.

With all my love,

Aunt Jamie